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January 2017 Calendar

I made this using the watercolor I did for my #AbandonTheBandwagon challenge with @fitgirlsguide. I hope you find it useful!

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Be a Flamingo Calendar

Flamingo & Pigeon Tracker

Be a Flamingo Tracker

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Mike Rowe Makes His Own Magic

This article pre-dates @fitgirlsguide, but if it didn’t I might wonder if Mike Rowe was a fit girl. Check out what my celebrity-crush, Mike Rowe has to say about finding a job, and finding contentment in life.


Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs

This is a quick read and a great reminder that we are in control of our own happiness.

Read it here.

Cute Mermaid in Oyster Tracker

It’s been way too long since I created a new tracker, so when I saw this vintage mermaid sleeping in an oyster, I had to make this! I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!


Mermaid in Oyster

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Jen’s Easy Slow Cooker Posole

Posole is a holiday staple here in New Mexico. A more traditional recipe can be found on the wrapper of Bueno Frozen Hominy, but my version is easy-peasy and doesn’t include pigs’ feet. It could be called the white-girl version, but it’s still caliente and delicious.

posole ingredients


Easy Posole


1 lb bag frozen hominy

1 container Bueno Red Chile
(I use HOT but MILD or MEDIUM are      also available.)

1 package pork loin

1/4 c chicken bouillon powder
(I use Knorr “Caldo con Sabor de Pollo”)

1T cooking oil
(I used a garlic infused oil.)

Prepare hominy by boiling on stove top until kernals pop, about 2 hours. Add water as necessary. Add chicken bouillon any time after water reaches a boil. Once hominy has began to puff out, transfer to crockpot. Stir in thawed Bueno Red Chile, cook on high. (Add more water if necessary.)

Meanwhile, chop pork loin into bite-sized cubes. Cook in 1T oil on stove top until no longer pink. Add cooked pork to crockpot and continue to cook on high heat. This isn’t science, I usually leave it in the crockpot over night 8-12 hours because I really like it to marinate. If you cook the pork all the way through before adding, it could be eaten immediately.



Printable Recipe

Printable Recipe

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Progress Trackers by @fit_girl_colleen


Progress Tracker by @fit_girl_colleen


Progress Tracker by @fit_girl_colleen


Progress Tracker by @fit_girl_colleen


Progress Tracker by @fit_girl_colleen

Progress Tracker

Progress Tracker by @fit_girl_colleen

Unicorn Progress Chart by @greenleafy_fitgirl

Thank you @greenleafy_fitgirl for creating this super cute progress chart!


I’m Ba-aaaack!

I have taken a very extended break from working out, and it shows!

I also have been doing a poor job of keeping up with this blog, since I started this post a month ago! Good news is, I successfully completed the October 25th challenge as far as workouts go. Didn’t miss a single one!

I am thrilled to be showing some progress, even without following the plan perfectly. I didn’t lose any weight, in fact, I gained a pound. This is why it’s so important to measure and use photographs to track progress!






Workout Cube!!!

This adorable, functional workout die is the brain child of @kdfitgirl and you should absolutely download it and print it and workout with it! It’s comprised with @fitgirlsguide workouts. If you haven’t already checked them out then how did you find my website? But really…check them out!

FGG Workout Cube

FGG Workout Cube

Mermaid Skeleton Tracker

Hi all! It’s been too long since I have posted a new tracker (and too long since I’ve been keeping track). Just in time for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, here is a beautiful skeleton mermaid tracker. (Not my art-if you know the artist please leave a comment so I can credit them.) Enjoy!


Mermaid Skeleton Tracker

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